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Author Bio – Short

The first child born to a carrier of myotonic dystrophy, Darcy Leech was raised to expect her brother to die before she did. She matured quickly as a child living amid medical crisis and went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Bethany College as a nationally award winning student athlete. From My Mother tells the family story of the strongest woman Darcy will ever know, her mother, Jo Lyn, who died from weakening muscles.

Author Bio – Long

Darcy Leech was born on Blytheville Air Force Base in Arkansas to a mother harboring a hidden genetic disease that would forever shift the family life when Dustin, Darcy’s younger brother, came into the world with congenital myotonic muscular dystrophy. Before meeting her brother, Darcy was told she would live longer than he did and matured quickly as a child living amid medical crisis.

She graduated summa cum laude from Bethany College with majors in English Education and Philosophy, married the love her life and settled into her home town in the middle of the golden wheat fields of Kansas where she has served 8 years as an educator. Darcy is a four year all conference college athlete, A.O. Duer national award winner, published nationally in Quest Magazine, and a Lana Jordan Aspiring Artist Grant winner.

She gave birth to her first son, Eli, three months before her mother’s degenerative muscle disease took Jo Lyn’s ability to breathe. Jo Lyn was to be Eli’s caretaker when Darcy returned to work, but instead, Jo Lyn fed Eli a bottle in her hospital bed while she was hooked to ventilator. Jo Lyn is the strongest woman Darcy will ever know, and From My Mother candidly recounts the love and struggles in a family with a special needs boy and a hardy young girl raised with compassion, fortitude and grace while facing death with a terminal disease.

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Thanks to the Lana Jordan Aspiring Artist Horizon Grant through the Salina Arts and Humanities Commision for making this possible! I am grateful to Horizon Members and donors!



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