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As a former AP English teacher, I still love to review and dialogue about books. Since I’m no longer in the classroom or in an English department, one of my favorite websites to frequent is Goodreads. I have an active author page account and would love to be your Goodreads friend –


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Love and Respect / Love and Respect Workbook 2-1
it was ok
This book was good to me because we had a married couple Bible study with Emerson’s videos. I kept thinking “Is this guy for real?” I bought the book after Emerson said something outrageous on the video about evolution, the “subversive u…
F.I.G.H.T. - Family Inspires Great Hope Together: How We Fight
it was amazing
Mr. Bagnato is brave in sharing his story, and inspiring with the courage and openness he does so. His daughter Caitlyn must have been a wonderful blessing to have such a book be written about her. The message of a family inspiring hope …
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens
it was amazing
I read this book first in high school youth group. Then years later I taught it to my intensive reading classes for two years. This book is an amazing blueprint for teaching executive skills and the ‘grit’ of emotional resilience that is…
How to Build a Powerful Writer's Platform in 90 Days
liked it
It’s good to have someone pointing you in the right direction for where to put in energy that gets returns in building a Writer’s Platform. It’s a quickly evolving realm for book publishing in the modern era, and we are all learning as w…
Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book
really liked it
Quick read I ran through on Kindle Unlimited, I won’t say I’m following the step by step plan, but as a small press first time author, I appreciate the advice and experience in this book in beginning to navigate promotion of my upcoming …

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Darcy Leech’s Reviews > Love and Respect

Love and Respect / Love and Respect Workbook 2-1 by Emerson Eggerichs
Love and Respect / Love and Respect Workbook 2-1
byEmerson Eggerichs

47172380 2 stars

Darcy Leech‘s review

Jan 09, 16  · 


This book was good to me because we had a married couple Bible study with Emerson’s videos. I kept thinking “Is this guy for real?” I bought the book after Emerson said something outrageous on the video about evolution, the “subversive use of adderall to control men” and feminists. I knew a Bible study with other couples was good for us, but I wanted to quit because Eggerichs was including so much other unrelated religious “propaganda”. The book is decent. It is soundly written grammatically and it is a good reminder to be respectful of tongue and tone, but Eggerichs just gets it wrong for women. I’m sure a man wouldn’t mind if his wife behaves as Eggerichs suggests, but his philosophy for a woman is just kind of soul killing (in my opinion). I forced myself to read the whole thing thinking “I’m going to be a better wife, I’m going to be a better wife.” I probably am a better wife after reading it, and I probably do understand my husband better, but there are just better marriage books out there. It is important to respect and love, and it is good to go about a Biblical approach to marriage, but as a woman, I just felt that Eggerichs didn’t have a flexible understanding of a woman’s nature or her heart. He is a rigid thinker, analytical, and perhaps a little jaded from his childhood experiences. He doesn’t seem to love the idea of women with a joyful heart. Obedience and respect are good, but they aren’t the resonance of a woman’s being. Worth the read in a social Bible study setting or as the fifth attempt in line to improve your marriage, but I never would have read this on my own and it certainly hasn’t been the most helpful thing in my marriage.

Darcy Leech’s Reviews > Battle for Grace: A Memoir of Pain, Redemption and Impossible Love

Battle for Grace by Cynthia Toussaint
Battle for Grace: A Memoir of Pain, Redemption and Impossible Love
by Cynthia Toussaint (Goodreads Author), Linden Gross

Jan 09, 16  Darcy Leech‘s review
47172380 4 stars


I bought and read Battle For Grace in researching for writing From My Mother, a true story which features a woman suffering from a rare and silent disease. Mrs. Toussaint does an amazing job in giving the internal voice of a woman who suffers from chronic pain, a pain which creates social ostracism and debilitates a woman’s social self confidence. Her story is of suffering, yes, but also of redemption and indefatigable strength in resilient love and internal fortitude. Toussaint had a beautiful gift as a dancer, and she was socially shamed when her mysterious condition made it difficult for her to dedicate in the way her mind desired. She becomes a woman of true strength and an advocate for others like her – those who suffer chronic pain, who have a hidden disease, who are different and perhaps disregarded or disrespected for it. I appreciate the title and key theme of Grace. This is a winner’s story, a memoir of loss worth reading because the challenges and loss produced gain. Good job, Cynthia. I enjoyed the read and appreciate the impact of your literature!

Darcy Leech’s Reviews > Epilogue: A Memoir

Epilogue by Will Boast
Epilogue: A Memoir
by Will Boast


Darcy Leech‘s review

Jan 09, 16  
really liked it


I empathize will Mr. Boast in losing his parents and only sibling so young. If you have lost a close loved one at a young age, this book is worth the read as it is an honest bear-all account of a young man coming of age while dealing with incomprehensible loss. I read this bestseller as research in writing my own memoir of losing my mother and brother by the time I was 25. Worthwhile experience! Boast’s experience is so unique the plot could easily have made a good fiction novel, but his voice is so genuine and vulnerable that his experiences feel real and personal. Boast is an experienced writer with a voice of wisdom gained the hard way. Some of his misadventures as a young man I did not particularly enjoy reading about, but I appreciated the honesty with which the events were presented. Boast’s biggest writing strength for me was the depth of his internal dialogue – man vs. the mechanisms of death and deceit. Epilogue is an interesting title for a memoir of a young man building into his prime, but perhaps in a life of multiple phases we have multiple Epilogues. His life did end and change in ways he could never reverse when he lost his family and learned the truth about his father. I found this book deeply valuable; it misses the 5th star only because there were certain spots that dragged for my particular interest and some events, that while honest, perhaps were not ones I wanted to read about.

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