Book Progress Update – January 2016

Book Progress update

I am 60 days away from my book launch, and momentum is building in exciting ways!

I feel I am establishing a meaningful online presence. Reading a book a week on marketing and promoting through online resources has been great for my knowledge and creative thinking. You can see my online presence in these areas:

twitter 2000
I hit 2000 followers on Twitter recently!
  • I’ve been making updates to my website and will soon launch an events page and media guide on the main browser link. I’m hoping with administrative permissions I’ll soon get from my webpage designer that I’ll be able to either make the blog within look like the darcyleechblog or directly link it. The template used to build the site is great for aesthetics, but has a pretty clunky blog format. My darcyleechblog.wordpress has been getting great traffic and going forward I know I want there to be easy links to the main website.
  • I feel comfortable with my growing social media presence and appreciate efficacy tools like to link accounts. I’ve actually exceeded a few goals already in social media reach and plan to continue expanding.
  • I have 8 strong written reviews on Goodreads from people who have read advance copies of From My Mother. I’m hoping these reviews give potential readers the confidence to buy during release week.
  • I’ve had Rachel Simon, author of Riding the Bus with my Sister, review my writing and she gave a favorable review which I now have on my website.
  • rachel simon Rachel Simon wrote “Your writing makes clear that you’re a deeply caring person of heart, compassion, and conscience. Your dedication to both your brother and mother played out over the decades, as did all the self-searching you went through as you rose, over and over, to the occasion. The lessons you learned from this prolonged experience are important, and all the work you put into your book will allow them to reach others in need.”
  • I completed an interview with a blogger which will go live in April after release.
    • I’m plan to use this interview set on my media kit for news sources and books stores to use as well.

One of my major focuses for the next month will be on event scheduling. I do not work over summer as an educator and want to try to give about 30-40 hours a week to my writing career. I’m willing to speak for free to local groups, sign at book stores, and do events at local libraries, so if you know someone that needs a speaker, send them my way.

  • My first book talk was an exhilarating experience that reaffirmed I’m on the right path to help share the story I was born to tell. I took pictures and recorded the introduction which you can see here:
  • chamberI joined the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce and met with the director of member services. Now I’ll be able to posts events on their site, host a profile and hold in person events like a Chamber Coffee with a regularly attending population. This will be one of my best local resources since I’ve lived here only six month.
  • I printed three month per page calendar pages for now through August. I have already arranged book signings at three libraries, three books stores, a church and a river festival. I also plan to attend two to three different events with groups working with muscular dystrophy.
    • Check back tomorrow for a post of event dates and places!

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