Book Progress Update

From My Mother releases March 29th! So much has happened lately it has been hard to keep up.

Here are some highlights.

From My Mother was the cover story of a local magazine. Check this out: Inspire Health Caring and Caretaking Magazine Article 3-11-2016 8-06 AM

I also had my first author’s fair with a group of amazing authors at Creative Corners in Topeka, KS.

topeka capital journal

I’ve rounded out my events for April and May, and am open to more bookings. I’m still offering free speaking events for bookstores, libraries, churches, service groups, organizations, schools and book clubs! Hopefully “free” won’t always be true, so contact me today! 🙂 

I’ve also had the chance to serve in some special ways for families like mine. We had our first fundraiser event for the Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Walk event. I sat down with the fundraising coordinator for the Wichita MDA for lunch. Our Muscle Walk event is the day after I turn 30 – April 23rd. I can’t wait to meet more families like mine and share our story! If you want to help raise money, donate here:

I’ve also joined the Sibling Leadership Network’s Communication Committee and been able to volunteer my time helping typical siblings of individuals with disabilities. It’s gratifying to be able to use my writing and tech knowledge to try to help people like me. I feel this is part of my calling! Here is a recent article I published on the SLN:

Lots of other things are happening and it has been a busy time of life! I’m learning on my feet in this phase, but trying to do my best because I care passionately that I do what I can so that From My Mother finds the audience who need it. It’s a story that can change lives in the right situation. I wish I could have read it when I was 16…

9 days until my last three years of work hits publication! I’m still on the hunt for publicity and linking, so if you want to review for your blog, link to your site, share on social media, or help in any other way please do! Grass roots movements matter more than anything else for first time authors. If you believe in the mission of From My Mother and want to help, please consider buying a book on release to help visibility, blogging or sharing on social media, or best yet – reading the book and posting an honest review of Goodreads or Amazon!

Here is a sneak peak for those helping my family’s story make a difference:

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Here’s to the good this story can do!


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