Why I Care about From My Mother

I’ll admit, I’ve wanted to be an author since 2nd grade. I chose my college major because of it. My plan was to teach AP English until I wrote my first book. I picked my second job as a gifted facilitator because I couldn’t grade AP essays and write on my own very easily. I work as an instructional technology coach now and learn skills constantly that carry over into my author pursuits. I want to succeed as an author.

But From My Mother isn’t about me, at least not about my future success. It’s about me as a child, as a teenager. It’s about my mistakes, my failures, and what I wish I would have done differently. It’s about the greatest life lesson I learned in a family with genetic disease. Some of those lessons were learned a little too late.

From My Mother is about a daughter like me who can still read the book and act more kindly towards her mother. It’s about the dad like my dad who has a terminally ill son and wonders every night what the next day will bring. It’s about the woman who looks in the mirror to seeking weakening muscles and decreasing ability. It’s about a disease that currently has no cure and the people around it that have the power to help.

Can you imagine how much better a nurse could be for a family with muscular dystrophy if she reads this book? Or a teacher who has a student with a sibling with a disability? Have you ever thought about what the families have to deal with when they come home from a Make A Wish trip? Do you know it’s like to sit on your brother’s grave and cry?

I wrote From My Mother because I know that medical conditions can make life lonely, unpredictable, and stressful. Terminal disease haunts the whole family every morning before they see their loved one awake. I wrote this book because I’ve been there, and while I didn’t know anyone else who had “been there” when I was young, I know those people exist and that my book can help them.

The internet is a beautiful thing. If you buy From My Mother in the next three weeks and boost early sales numbers, you can help the book reach the audience who needs it. If you read it and leave an honest review, you can help readers find a story that may speak to them in a way no other book ever has. If you share this on social media, you can help me reach out to families like mine, young adults like me who care for their parents, mothers like me who have to raise a child after a loss, siblings like me to great kids with disabilities. You can help me do what I was made for. This is my story. This is my life. You can help make that meaningful to others!

Presales yesterday were amazing! From My Mother is a #1 New Release on Amazon.

I am being salesy when I say it, but it’s true – if you order now it matters to how much reach this memoir by a first time author has. For this book to do what it can, the ones who found the story first need to help. What do you say? Do you believe in the story enough to pre-order? It’s a good read… 🙂 Here are some early Goodreads reviews: http://darcyleech.com/books/ 

number one new release in genetic health jpg
Buy your copy today!

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