What My Mother Gave Me

Jo Lyn Bartz is the strongest woman I will ever know. She battled weakening muscles while raising a son with a feeding tube, oxygen tank and wheel chair. If that doesn’t sound like enough, she also raised me.

family 1998
Left to right – Dustin, Randy, Jo Lyn, Darcy (me at 12) – 1998

But she did more than just raise me. By her example of strength and kindness, she taught me to be compassionate, to care about my effort, to treasure each day, to try to live a life of service, to value the eternal more than the present, to do my best, to accept others, and to be a little gentler.

My mommy went to almost every sporting event I ever had. She cheered me on and wore my button to work. She helped me win family board games. She vouched for me, yelled at people for me, defended everything I did and constantly believed in me. My mother gave me confidence, security, and love. She gave me the potential to become what she dreamed for me by pouring love and compassion into me every day she saw me.

She taught me the easy lessons, and the hard ones, the quick ones, and the long ones. She read to me every night, talked through my troubles, and rarely spanked me. My mother gave me more than I realized for a long time, and certainly gave me advantages few others have in life. My mother was amazing.

From My Mother is her story of strength, the testament of her faith, the tale of the power she carried in her soul as her muscles weakened. It is the story of the relationship between a daughter and mother, and no it’s not all roses and love. It’s a story of resilience, endurance, and a grit that only a woman battling a degenerative disease who had to raise a son with worse symptoms could muster.

Want to inspire your mother for mother’s day? Want to thank her for all the trials and lessons? Want to be inspired to carry through the tough moments in a relationship? Want inspiration of why it worth being a caretaker for a parent? Want to find the moments to treasure near the end of a parent’s life? From My Mother is your story.

Buy your copy – click here

Then buy one for your mother, or your daughter, or your granddaughter.

From My Mother to yours, I wish you the best in treasuring what your mother gave you.



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