What Early Sales and Reviews Do for From My Mother

From My Mother is mission driven. Sharing my family’s story is part of what I’m meant for.

My mother lived with a rare genetic condition, myotonic muscular dystrophy. She often felt alone because she didn’t know other women like her. In middle school, I was made fun of because I had a brother with a disability. My father has been a tireless caretaker who didn’t have time to ‘hang out with the guys’. We all felt a little alone in the “outside world” because our home live seemed so different. You know what? There are others like us.

family pic age 6

I pray every night that From My Mother finds the audience who need it. I have dedicated great energy and effort trying to help my family’s story find other families like ours and make their path a little easier.

I would have been a better person if I could have read this book when I was younger. I would have been a more compassionate daughter. I hope fervently that some daughter like me reads this book and spends a little more time to slow down with a parent.

You can help.

In the modern era, what makes or breaks a book’s “reach” comes down to two things:

  1. sales in the first two weeks
    1. Internet analytics and algorithms pay attention to sales numbers. Every book bought in the next two weeks helps From My Mother reach a wider audience through internet exposure. Buy one for yourself, buy one for your child, or your mom, or to donate to a church library. It’s a good read, but it also helps the cause of spreading empathy and awareness for family’s affected by genetic, terminal, rare or degenerative diseases.
amazon number one
If From My Mother keeps the #1 New Release tag, it will find the readers who need it.
  1. reviews in the first month
    1. In the modern era, books need “buzz”. Buzz is created on social media sites when readers post pictures of themselves with the book, or post reviews, or share the trailer, or interact with the author. Social media reviews matter!
    1. Most important though are two web sites – Amazon and Goodreads. Especially for an unknown author (like yours truly), Goodreads is the route to a book having wider reach. Every review left on Goodreads or Amazon adds to the credibility of an author’s first book. Want to help more people read an uplifting story? Want to help reach family’s like mine? Write a review. It’s better than money to an author like me!

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      From My Mother

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      1. I promise to read every review! And if I have you on Facebook, Twitter, or we know each other in person, I’ll take the time to thank you (no matter what you said). 🙂
      2. Reviews are a books best friend. So if you believe in the cause and/or consider me a friend, I am asking you to do me a big favor and leave a review!
From My Mother is genuinely good literature! I know 3 people already who have finished in less than 24 hours. One stayed up until 2 in the morning the day of receiving the book to finish! You won’t regret your purchase, and if you do, message me and I’ll refund your money. I’ve put three years of effort into this book. If you don’t like it, I don’t mind putting in a little more time and money.
Still need convincing? See if the story speaks to you. Here is the blurb:

Everyone receives something from their mother.

What Darcy Leech received is nothing short of inspiring!

Riveting, soulful, and courageously told, From My Mother is a meditation on grief, family, genetic disease and also a deeply personal account of the narrator’s coming-of-age amid medical crisis and tragedy to carry on the lessons from her mother to raise her young son. A story of loss on many levels, From My Mother is a moving book that transforms suffering into art and inspiration.

Leech weaves a beautiful tapestry of the enduring mysteries of what dormant harbingers of genetic disease may lurk within, the surprising possibilities in loss, and the deep resilience of the human spirit as the body weakens. From My Mother leaves the reader pondering the value of genetic testing, the beauty in a disease easy to accept as genetic fault, and the heart wrenching question of when life should be sustained by machine or ended by choice.


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