New Reviews of From My Mother

I want to share these reviews, because reviews matter more than anything I can say as a first time author. No matter what fancy language or dollars I could use to advertise, the best tool to spread From My Mother is a reader review. So if you’ve read it and believe in what the story offers, please leave a written review! See what recent readers say. Maybe you’ll relate.



I cried after reading this next one. This is the most personal target audience for me…

laura m

My husband wrote the one below. I didn’t let him read From My Mother during drafts. He has this trait where he is excellent at spotting flaws in a plan and loves to help people make progress by growing from awareness. Plus, one of the most personal parts in the book is one of my arguments with him. He might have saved our marriage in what he did starting on page 138. He cried while reading this to me. And it made my life better. My husband gets it. He’s even proud of me.  Full disclosure – I love this man. 🙂


Sounds like a good story, doesn’t it? Buy your copy today here –!/From-My-Mother-Surviving-and-Thriving-in-a-Family-Ravaged-by-Genetic-Disease-Paperback/p/63943406





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