This Weekend starts book events!

My 30th birthday is April 22nd, and that is also the date of my book release party in Great Bend, KS! If you are in driving distance and want to support me, I look at this as my most important birthday yet and the beginning of a new phase of life! Come support From My Mother and I’ll get you a signed copy of the book!

book release party

On April 23rd, I get the honor to join families like mine with a Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Walk. If you want to support my team, you can donate at or you can build on jewelry like this I got with some super garage sale skills… (true story) Check out my ebay profile to see if you want to help my team with some rewards:


Then, perhaps the biggest event this weekend and the closest to my heart, is I get to give a guest sermon at our Heartland Community Church. I’ve been thinking about what to say for a month. From My Mother is mission driven for me. I believe I was called to write this book. I get to tell people on Sunday part of what I think I was put on this earth to do. That’s beautiful, but a little intimidating. I’ll be praying in the meantime for the words to say.

And two great 5 star reviews were left on Amazon today. Things are looking promising for From My Mother reaching the audience who needs it. today:

april 17

From My Mother has 12 5 star reviews on Amazon right now and 30 reviews on Goodreads (29 5 star, 1 four star). Every review counts for this first time author, so please do post a review and help the momentum if you want to support the story!


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