From My Mother reviewed by people in Families Affected by Neuromuscular Diseases

Making money by writing a book would be a nice side effect, but to be honest the reason I poured years into From My Mother, the story of my family and muscular dystrophy, was to reach families like mine. If you are in a family affected by a neuromuscular disorder, this book can help you feel less alone, give insight into the real family complications that come with disease, and the hope and strength that can come in trying to live well the days we are given. Below are some of the most important reviews From My Mother can get – reviews from people affected in some way by neuromuscular disorder – whether they themselves are affected, or their children, or their spouse, or even their patients. If you are from a family like mine or help families like mine, please consider owning this book. One day, reading it might help you with some of the hardest questions in life.

Buy From My Mother here!/From-My-Mother-Surviving-and-Thriving-in-a-Family-Ravaged-by-Genetic-Disease-Paperback/p/63943406

Kelly is a caretaker with a  spouse affected by a neuromuscular disease:


John is a man bravely living with MD:


CD is a healthcare professional who has worked with families affected by genetic disease:


Jessie is a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with MS years after we met:


Laura is a genetically “typical” daughter born in a family affected by MD.

Laura M

Linda is a mother and caretaker in a family affected by neuromuscular disease.

linda m

Aunts and uncles too can better understand their own family:

MMD review

Lisa read From My Mother on mother’s day


I don’t know who left this one, but I’m glad they found From My Mother:

chronic disease

From My Mother can also help loved ones process memoires:


From My Mother can help you understand the world of a caregiver


Perhaps From My Mother is for you.



If you want From My Mother and money is an obstacle, or you don’t use your credit card online, or shipping seems hard – if you are from a family affected by neuromuscular disease, I will send you a free copy! Just email I wrote this story for people like us. Perhaps in reading it you will feel less alone.


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